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29-Aug-2017 02:06

My point is that I'm not shocked to see a white American from U. During the early to mid nineties in United States interacial dating and marrying was at its peak. I saw sometimes white Americans girls with mestizos or white American girls with mullatos.

These weren't the same mestizos from the mountains in Latin America that preserve their indegenous culture and identity. Basically they weren't really the typical Aztec or Mayans from Mexico but the La Raza hommie ganster posers.

I assumed she was a mestiza because I couldn't imagine Jeb Bush marrying an indian women.

If Columba truly was a mestiza, her white fathered children would be around 75% and look really European.

Hollywood Actresses Julie Gonzalo is Argentinian: And hollywwod actress Alexis Bledel has Argentinians parents: BTW they are two perfect examples of how a regular argentinian girl look. It appears that nobody want to look dark, especially the women. ) Dinosaur Jr The picture of Columba, the Mexican wife of Governor Bush, it's not exactly the way she really looks. President) Mother: Barbara Bush (former First Lady) Brother: Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida) Brother: George W. I have the entire picture of Bush's family, well she looks naturally indian.Same thing in United States indians had to change their names to anglo names.

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