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"There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in said territory, other- wise than in the punishment of crimes whereof the party shall have been duly con- victed." No such expression had yet been seen in any document ; and this is all the more wonderful and noble, when we recall the fact tiiat, at that time, all the original states had slaves. CHAPTER XX Conclusion 439 Representative Citizens 443 INDEX Acton, Frank M 773 Adams, David 815 Aldenderf er, Samuel 663 AJford, W. W 296 Alspaeh, Henry E 534 Alspaugh, Irvin E 771 Alt, Dr. W 766 Aneshensley, Henry F 686 "Appleseed," Johnny 93 Armstrong, Judson 646 Armstrong, Wilber E 653 Arnold, Absalom J 565 Ashbaugh, John J 741 Ashton, Dr. But the great Ordinance did more than to provide for the admission of states — it had strong provisions in regard to slavery and ed- ucation. He longed for the time when he might tell the story of his native county — the county he loves so well. CHAPTER XVII Military History of the County 397 The County's Military Record — Rez'olutionary Soldiers Buried in Fairfield County — The County in the War of i8i2-i~i—The Mexican War CONTENTS ix — Fairfield County in the Civil War — Lancaster in the War — Death of Maj. I will give one in- stance outside of the domain of war. One of the youthful dreams of the author was the writing of this history. Hite — Torvnship and l^illage Teachers of Fairfield County — Boxtvell— Patterson Graduates — Then and Now (Log and Red Schoolhouse Times) — The Old Spelling School — Enoch Barry Seitc — Geo. CHAPTER XVI Fraternal and Benevolent Societies 385 Masonry and its Various Branches and Lodges in Lancaster — The In- dependent Order of Odd Felloivs — The Knights of Pythias — The Elks — The Eagles — Daughters of the American Revolution — Ladies Auxiliary Sons of Veterans — Etc. Giesy — The Grand Army of the Republic — Woman's Relief Corps — Sons of Veterans — The Spanish- American War — Muster Roll of Co. "As before stated, his long contest with the Indians had taught him the value of quick de- cision and instantaneous action ; and these things he had so long practiced that they be- came a part of his nature. It is impossible for the editor to enumerate here all to whom he feels a deep sense of gratitude for assistance rendered and kindly interest taken in this work. Ellen Brasee Towt, whose deep interest in her native county and intimate knowledge of events have made her a most valuable aid in the compilation of this history. Joseph Hunter, Founder of the County — First White Child Born in the County — First White Woman Settler — Mrs. George San- derson — The Log Cabin — First Funeral — Fourth of July Celebration in 1800 — "Johnny Appleseed" — Roster of County Officials- — Senators and Representatives. — Lancaster's Distinguished Visitors — Lancaster Public Library — Munic- ipal Officers — List of Mayors from i8ji to ipi2 — Lancaster Country Club — Lancaster, the City Beautiful. — The Motherzvell Iron Works — Lancaster Shoe Manufactories — Total Daily Output, 10,000 Pairs of Shoes — The A. — The Lan- caster Shoe Co.— The Fairfield Shoe Co.— The Ohio Shoe Co.— Hotels— A Classified List of Lancaster's Business Enterprises Including the Professions. I'roni his own people he turned and took up his lot with the Indian. In all cases his requests have been honored and for this he feels especially grateful. Anthony Wayne, the "Chief Who Never Sleeps" — Celebrated Treaty of Greenville — Gen. Joseph Brant, Chief of the Mohawks and Head of the Iroquois Confederation — Cornstack, Sachem of the Shawnees and King of the Northern Confederation — Geronimo, Apache Chief, the Worst Indian that Ever Lived — Tarhe, Chief of the Wyandots — The In- dian of Today — Haskell Institute — Carlisle Indian School — Logans Speech — Villainy of the Government's Indian Agents — Spraguc's I'ieii' of the Indian and His Destiny. CHAPTER IV Dawn of Civilization in the County 82 Organisation of the County — Its Size When Organised — Number and Names of Toivnships — Why Called "Fairfield" — Population — Principal Cities — Counties in the State and their Rate of Increase — Character of the Inhabitants of Fairfield County — Ebenecer Zane, the Pioneer and His Work — His Rezvard — His Highivay — Capt. Builderback) and Her Adventures — Charles Builderback — -Historical Paper by Gen. On the south face of the monument is carved, life-size, the head of an Indian chief, decked out in regular savage style ; on the west face is the head of a bear, as life-like as stone can be, and appear- ing as if the head has just been thrust through the face of stone; on the north side is the head of a wolf similarly carved; and on the east side is the head of a panther. Such a man, or friend, was Simon Girty, once the friend of the white man. CONTENTS vii CHAPTER VII Economic Forces 203 ^ Geological History of the County — The Three Geologic Periods — Geologic Formations — The Streams and Drainage — The Soil — Botany of Fairfield County — Oil and Gas Fields. of Amanda — The First National Bank of Balti- more — The Bank of Basil— The Millersport Bank Co.— The First Na- tional Bank of Bremen — The Bremen Bank Co.— The Farmers and Mer- chants Bank of Carroll — The Pickerington Bank — The Pleasantville Bank — The Rushville Banking Co.— The Bank of Sugar Grove— Bank "Notes." CHAPTER XI Bench and Bar 285 -V The Majesty of the Law—Iustice Gray — Wendell Phillips and Rufus Choate — Lawyers of "Ye Olden Times," Their Fun and Their Work — The Giants of the Lancaster Bar— None Greater— Sketches of Laivyers and Judges — A Long List of Highly Educated and Brilliant Men, Past and Present — Fairfield County Juvenile Court. Doubtless in many parts of this county of Fairfield Girty tracked to death his white victims, or danced with his 54 HISTORY OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY dusky companions around the helpless victim at the burning stake.

720 Dilger, Mathias J 720 Dillon, Edward B 296 Dolson, Ben R 298 Dolson, Thomas H 448 Doner, Allen 671 Doner, Nathaniel 667 Doty, O. February 19, 1803, and Fairfield County, as part of Ohio, entered upon her history-making career, although the county had been organ- ized in 1800, by proclamation of Territorial Governor, General Arthur St. There were five states carved out of the Old Northwest— Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin — making a total area of 250,000 square miles.

CHAPTER XVIII The Press 413 The Power of the Press — The Ohio Eagle — "Items of Ye Olden Time" — The Lancaster Gazette — The Democrat — The Messenger — Fairfield Pickaway News and The Amanda Herald. In the course of the war of 1812 some friendly Indians came to the vicinity of Ur- bana on legitimate business, and some men, inexperienced in the matter of Indian war- fare, proposed to kill these men, considering all Indians bad.

MONUMENT TO SIMON KENTON, AT UBBANA, OHIO CHIEF TARHE AND REPRESENTATIVE CITIZENS 53 such that the same man might cheat him twenty times and, if he still professed friend- ship, might cheat him again.' "Tiie correctness of this description could be affirmed by all who knew the man ; and in addition to this description, he had a sense of justice and fair play, which nothing could turn aside.

This volume is the history of men and women who have built a Commonwealth out of Nature's own material— and they builded wiser than they knew. George Rogers Clark; His Famous Campaign and Invaluable Services to the Country— Captures British Forts and Saves the Northivest Territory to the United States — Rewarded by Ingratitude— His Death— Conflicting Claims Betiveen the States to Ownership of Northivest Territory— Their Final Settlement— Unfair Treatment of the Indians — Black Hawk — His Wrongs — His Interview with President ] ackson— Disappearance of the Indians— The Wilderness Subdued— Character of the Pioneer Settlers— The Hardships Endured and Results Accomplished— The Pioneers' Most Enduring Monument. My father was a witness to this incident and told me of it years before Simon's death.

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.^•^ °- o • W.-^ ,^x^ V '^^ 4' ' ■ •'-^J ,• """-..v- HISTORY OF Fairfield County, Ohio AND Representative Citizens EDITED AND COMPILED BY CHARLES C. But the Twentieth Century will produce nothing so great as its men and women. Wiseman ; and to a host of personal friends whose names cannot, for want of space, be mentioned here, much as the editor would like to do so. , Others, who have contributed special articles are named therewith and are not separately mentioned here. , ui i:„„o This work is dedicated not only to the many distinguished and noble lives that have brought undying fame to the county o Fairfie d-but as well to the housands of men and women in the humbler walks of life, vvhose sturdy char- acter and noble aspirations have formed the warp aii.l vvoof of the public fabric, and have given to the county her stability and her worth. m CONTENTS CHAPTER I The Old Northwest i9 The Value of History — Character of the Men and Women who Have Made History in this Section — Obligations of the Author — Fairfield County a Part of the Old Northwest — The Famous Ordinance of 1787 — State of Ohio Created — Organization of Fairfield County — The Five States of the Old Northivest — Their Sice, Importance and Population — Their Wealth and Resources — Character of the Citizenship — Ohio's Prom- inent Place in'the Political History of the Country — The Indians — The Or- dinance of 1787 Forbids Slavery and Provides for the Support of Educa- tion^School Sections— The State Universities— First Colony in the Wil- derness — Settlement at Marietta — Gen. Clair Appointed First Gov- ernor of Northivest Territory — Ohio's First County Organized— Ohio's First Court Opened — Establishment of Law and Order — Gen. Kenton immediately begged pardon for his hasty action, and asked the man never to do so again, lest in a moment of anger he might do what everybody would regret. John H 800 Baker, Clement V 480 Barr, Andrew (pioneer) 126 Barr, E. 299 Beatty, John E 796 Beek, Harry K 297 Beecher, Gen 115 Beeeher, Gen. W .' 573 Benadum, Philip F 681 Benidum, Charles C 467 Bennett, L. The soil was redeemed for the white men by the veterans of three wars. In addition there is a long list of distinguished Senators, Representatives, inventors, authors and schol- ars; likewise, "In army and navy our quota is full And you can on our fighting rely." For many years after the coming of the white men, the American Indians — the orig- inal owners of the soil — made life a burden for these white men, who were often forced to bare their breasts upon "upland glade or glen" to the tomahawk, the poisoned arrow and the faggot. CHAPTER IX Manufactures and Commerce 261 Busy Workshops — The Hocking Glass Co. Simon was the most wicked of the three thus reared in the midst of the wild life of the forest.