Epg gsr8 status test updating

03-Oct-2017 00:31

Why don't you have Channel X in the list of Country Y?If you are missing a channel in a country and the channel is based in that country, please let us know.Then you have to reload the data in KODI General settings and restart KODI. Download your XML file in your Browser and open it with a text editor to check if it's populated.Check if you don't tried to connect with too many IP addresses.Your personalized EPG will always show the right program in your timetable if you have set your timezone on your device correctly.

For example all channels are listed in Germany, even if it's in Arabic.

In the case of the USA and Canada it's always the eastern feed if not indicated otherwise. If you find a channel in your country list, which is not in the native language of your country or not a channel based in your country, please let us know.

We don't know all the channels in the world, so we made some mistake.

Beside that, you have to mess around with repositories and installations if you want to get EPG through an Add On and you will still have a complicated system without a satisfying result. With what devices / softwares can I use your service? You will get a message on your account and an email when a change happens.

This list is by far not complete, so we are depending on your feedback too! Can I upload and store multiple M3U files on your site? The number of M3U files you can upload and store is based on your subscription package. I imported my m3u file into the editor, but there are no categories, why?

We offer EPG for the next 7 days if we have enough data, otherwise it depends on the sources. We update the EPG data once a day around midnight based on the particular country's time zone (capital city). We add new countries and TV channels continuously as soon as they are available, and we update them frequently. You'll get a code to your mobile phone every time somebody tries to log in to your Pay Pal account and if the code is not entered into a specific field on Pay Pal, the person can't log in. After a 5 days trial period you have to create a paid subscription to continue using the service. You can pay by credit card or Bank Transfer or Pay Pal balance through But I have no Pay Pal account. You don't need a Pay Pal account to use and pay our service. You get an XML link on top of the page and you can start using EPG immediately. You can post ideas and feature requests on our Forum How do I receive EPG data in KODI? I added the link to my Media Center, but I don't see the EPG. Use our online m3u editor to add the right file on your site as well? Channels which are available in multiple languages (like Discovery and History) will be listed in those particular countries separately.