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Later that year a small detachment of Argentine Marines landed via submarine This letter was offered in 2016 as “the letter that started the Falklands War,” estimated at 24,000 British pounds. The Argentinians had secretly invaded South Georgia Island, raised their flag and about 50 Marines came ashore and ransacked a British Antarctic Survey research base.Falkland governor Sir Rex Hunt radioed British researchers based on the island and dictated a letter to scientist Neil Shaw.In the early 1980s, the period that we will discuss, the population was 1,813 with over half living in the capitol town of and certainly not an economic or military priority.There might have been some belief among the Argentineans that the occupation of these islands, called by them the Islas Malvinas would be treated by the British as a fait accompli. The nation gained independence in 1816 after a six year struggle led by General Jose de San Martin.He wrote it on a piece of paper and took it to the Argentinian Marines who ignored it and invited him on board for drinks. It arrived on 19 March 1982 without British permission. The British protested, the political situation escalated and Governor Hunt sent 22 Royal Marines to remove the workers, while sent 100 Marines to protect them.British Marines on South Georgia 30 seconds after the photo was taken the first Argentine helicopter attacked BNPS - UK Two weeks later on 3 April, the Argentineans attacked in force and the 22 Marines faced overwhelming odds.

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The tanks held 1,500-litres of fuel rather than the standard 1,300-litres.Over one hundred journalists and two hundred scientists vanished.The Argentine people were clamoring for change, and the leadership decided that the best way to take their mind off the numerous problems at home is to give them a glorious patriotic victory and the return of the Islas Malvinas.We tend to think of this as a small war between two nations over a pair of useless islands. The amount of aid given to both sides in the brief Falklands War is staggering.

Argentina was politically backed by a majority of countries in Latin America and some members of the Non-Aligned Movement.Peru sent Mirage fighters, pilots and missiles to Argentina.Peru had earlier transferred ten Hercules transport planes to Argentina.Peru attempted to purchase 12 missiles for Argentina, in a failed secret operation.

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PSYOP OF THE FALKLAND ISLANDS WAR. SGM Herbert A. Friedman Ret. The Falkland Islands are approximately 8 000 miles from Britain and the only major island group in the South Atlantic, about 300 miles east of Argentina and the continent of South America in the Strait of Magellan.… continue reading »

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