Dating options

18-Aug-2017 23:45

You know how it goes: you meet somebody whom you are super excited about and the two of you dive totally into a relationship, but then, just as forcefully and quickly as the romance begins, it ends.

A new romance is exciting and it is natural to want to go at it with total gusto, but the ability to keep your options open while dating instead of zeroing in on one person right from the start is a good skill to learn, because it keeps you from giving too much of yourself too soon and protects you from crashing and burning out on dating.

A pregnancy (and, yes this is the aim of all of this - because: Evolution) represents a far greater investment for a female.

So, we end up with more younger men but more older women.) to her stress and hormonal levels, there seem to be a number of factors having a say in what sex the offspring will be.For example, there is a 2003 study that offers evidence strongly supporting that, following the big earthquake of Zakynthos, Greece, the male births plummeted. Primarily because the stress levels of the females would delay fertilization, by which point most of the Y-carrying sperm cells would had died off (that’s where we needed that part from above).Imagine two speed boats with the same engines yet different loads.

So, the Y-carrying sperm cells are more likely to reach the ovum first.And, if one were to throw a theory on the table, maybe this is a way to increase the number of potential future mothers in order to repopulate the group devastated by the stress-inducing event.Now, under normal circumstances we have more males at birth.Males produce two types of gametes (sperm cells) in equal parts, half containing the X chromosome (which will produce a daughter) and half with the Y chromosome (which will produce a son).

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