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20-Mar-2018 09:04

We’re talking about the potential for an absolute credit freeze that will make the situation in New York spread across this country almost overnight.

Ask yourself this question: Are you prepared to take care of yourself?

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Likewise, Americans feel sheltered in their current paradigm, completely oblivious to the fact that the United States and most industrialized economies around the world are on the brink.

At last count, 99% of Americans are totally unprepared to personally deal with even a short-term disaster.

I highly doubt that’s the case though, and I suspect your family’s lack of enthusiasm may have something to do with expectations they have for your life and marriage that they feel aren’t being met. And neither should they call the shots on your wedding or whom you inform about your engagement, especially considering they won’t be paying for it.

This should be a happy, exciting time for you, and you should focus on the people who are supporting you and showing enthusiasm for your big news.

There are a variety of catalysts that can set off such an event – and one of these days the trigger is going to get pulled (if it hasn’t been already).

I wrote a letter to his side of the family, thanking them for raising him, for welcoming me, etc., while he wrote a letter to mine.

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