Dating and glastonbury

01-Sep-2017 16:16

Bishop Jocelyn lived to see the church dedicated in 1239, but he died before cathedral status was finally granted in 1245. By the time the cathedral was completed, it already seemed too small for the increasing grandness of the liturgy that characterized the period.It was especially important to find more room for the increasingly large ritual processions.

Apostles fill the top center of the facade, with St.Lincoln would follow 10 years later and Salisbury 30 years after that.Meanwhile, at nearby Glastonbury Abbey, they were feeling less daring - reconstruction work was underway in the older Norman style.Work on Wells Cathedral began in 1180 under Bishop Reginald, but most of the cathedral construction was overseen by Bishop Jocelyn, a local man with great ambitions for Wells.

Bishop Jocelyn oversaw construction of the nave and the monumental west front in the early 13th century.

The scene is announced by a figure called Jack Blandiver, who kicks a couple of bells from his seat high up on the right.