Createuserwizard not validating

04-Dec-2017 09:33

Let's update our login page (~/ tutorial, creating an interface with two Text Boxes for the username and password, a Remember Me checkbox, and a Login button (see Figure 1).

The code validates the entered credentials against a hard-coded list of username and password pairs (Scott/password, Jisun/password, and Sam/password). Figure 1: The Login Page's Interface Includes Two Text Boxes, a Check Box List, and a Button (Click to view full-size image) The login page's user interface can remain unchanged, but we need to replace the Login button's Label is displayed, informing the user that their username or password was incorrect. To test that the login page works as expected, attempt to login with one of the user accounts you created in the preceding tutorial.

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We will examine creating administrative interfaces for accomplishing common user account- and role-related tasks in a future tutorial.

method is that when the supplied credentials are invalid, it does not provide any explanation as to why.

To prevent this, it is essential to encrypt the network traffic by using Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

This will ensure that the credentials (as well as the entire page's HTML markup) are encrypted from the moment they leave the browser until they are received by the web server.

To prevent such brute force attacks, the Membership framework locks out a user if there are a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts within a certain period of time.

In this tutorial we will examine how to validate a user's credentials against the Membership user store using both programmatic means and the Login control.